Sunday, August 25, 2013

welcome to my knitting cave

As promised, photos of my new knitting room--which I've dubbed my knitting cave because of it's size and cosiness: 8½' x 7' (as opposed to my previously spacious 9' x 9').

But I love it! I sit and admire it, I take every opportunity to walk through it, and I had my first really good's night sleep after it was finished. (In the night, I'd wake . . . wrestling with things I wanted to get done: one whole night I lost 3 hrs of sleep, thinking about the wall calendar I'd make the next day!) But now, despite whatever other parts of the reno remain un-done, my knitting cave gives me peace and brings me home!

Here you can see a straight-on shot of my daughter's drawing (beside the larger one my son did, both mentioned in the previous post but not shown well): two drawings of girls picking flowers, one done when she was 4, the other when she was 5. Both are done on needlepoint canvas.

In addition, here's one she did later . . . of a sick girl in bed. (Don't you love the look on her face?) This one is cross-stitch embroidery rather than needlepoint--which, as you probably know, goes much faster. It sits on a wall opposite my knitting cave--a wall dedicated to family art (already in-hand or yet to come).

For those of you equally challenged by space, I recommend the following:
  • the up filer--shown in the photo below--instead of an on-the-floor filing cabinet (Other, not-so-used files are in the basket of my rolling cart.)

  • the ISO daybed--shown in the photo above (I really do need a space for a guest. Plus it's a comfy chair and recliner when not laid out to bed size.)
  • using the upper wall space for wire shelves that hold baskets of yarn--also shown in the photo above (numbered and recorded on my computer)
Again, I love my knitting cave and wish you the same corner of your home to thusly love and cherish.

the products you see
Thanks to the internet for allowing me to find the following products that I would never have been able to otherwise access.

BTW, I am in no way paid of even acknowledged for my mention of these things. I only put the information here to save any who are interested from having to ask.
  • For the up filer system,
  • For the ISO daybed, I can't find the company's website, so all I can give you is this: Perhaps you are better at navigating the internet to find the company itself?
  • For anyone who wants to know about the wall calendar, here's the DIY site for that: I did it with my granddaughter, and you might imagine her responsible for the uneven cutting and glueing . . . but . . . no, that would be me. Like an errant child, I love my calendar for all its flaws and idiosyncrasies. (But I do wonder what the people in the hardware store think when we walk off with 42 paint chips?)