Friday, September 4, 2015

a half-price offer on my new CRAFTSY class

To get right to the point, I have a new Craftsy class--WEAR WHAT YOU KNIT: perfect sweater fit and style. It is based upon a few of my most popular workshops, including my true favourite--KNIT TO FLATTER AND FIT.

The class  had just launched. And what follows here is a half-price link. (You might have to copy and paste, but it will work.) Please feel free to pass along--to your knitting group, your yarn shop, your knitters' guild!
    Okay, so now I can give you a little information about the class subject?
    • It starts with a lesson in which we look at yarn as fabric so we can pick the right ones. And then you are given the information you need so you can re-gauge an existing pattern (because sometimes that perfect yarn does not match the gauge of the pattern we love).
    • Next there is a lesson in which we look at different styles and shapes to determine what you already know looks good on you. Included is information on how to modify existing patterns so they reflect this information. (An added bonus is what-you-need to make a lovely set-in sleeve that is both easy and that fits!!! No more cursing the set-in sleeve!)
    • Following that is a lesson that clarifies size and ease. This answers those questions: a) what size do I knit and b) is ease included? (Additional info in this class is what to do when you can't get the size you need or fall between sizes.)
    • Next is a lesson (that is probably the most enlightening) in which we get your relevant measurements. (The measurements-you-need are not scary but incredibly important. And mundane as this all sounds, it is huge and supported by visuals that show how important length is for different styles of sweaters.) 
    • Once you have those measurements, you need to know how to use them! So there is material on how and where to change a pattern so the garment fits you perfectly.
    • And finally,  we close with a wonderful lesson on STYLING--in which you see how important it is to wear your perfect sweater with the right style of pant or skirt. (For this, you are invited to play paper dolls, and how much fun is that!)
    Again, please check it out, and pass the half-price link along to anyone who might be interested. Spread the word! It's really important stuff! The bottom line of this class--and a line I repeat often--is that this work allows us to knit what we wear and wear what we knit. And when we do so, we honour our craft. How wonderful!

    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    If you know someone who needs to learn how to knit . . .

    And don't we all? Know someone who could benefit from the patience and relaxation and optimism and calm and general well-being that knitting brings us?

    I thought my daughter would forever be one of these. I did try to teach her as a child, but--my bad--I failed. My biggest mistake was to say "And so, you have 24 stitches: just try to maintain 24 stitches." She was too much of a perfectionist for that! Of course a 7 or 9 or 11 yr-old could not maintain 24 stitches!

    And so I thought knitting would do that skip-a-generation thing. After all, my grandmother knit and my mother did not. Maybe my grandchildren would? I'd just have to be patient.

    But then, the most amazing thing happened! One night, waiting for her to come home, I was teaching her artist/carpenter boyfriend (now her husband) to knit. She came home, looked at what he was doing, said (and I will never forget this) "I can do that," took his needles from him . . . and has been knitting ever since.

    What some of you already know is that we wrote two books together. What most of you do not know is that she has been teaching beginners for 10 years! And she is amazing at it--probably because she learned relatively recently so could relate.

    To my ever-lasting pleasure and pride, Craftsy has hired her to teach beginner classes. And they are wonderful! I am amazed ('though not sure why I would be) that her charm and intelligence and competence come through the camera. I am completely impressed at what she has taught herself and what she is able to teach others.

    Here are half price links for the first two (of three) of her classes. Please pass them along to anyone who needs to learn how to knit! (I do not have good luck with these links, so you might need to copy and paste them into your browser?)

    I never would have imagined this day and am so happy to share it with you!