Saturday, January 21, 2012

last book to bed

I recently put what I describe as my "last book" (which will be launched spring 2013) to bed! For the first time in 15 years, I am not on a book deadline! Yippee!

But that also means housekeeping! Things I have neglected for--let's hope not 15 years--are being attended to (like cleaning out the bathroom cupboards). One of the bigger things was to make my BLOG into a real BLOG (that you could subscribe to)!

In the past, my BLOG was just a document I wrote and posted on my website. But now I have subscribed to (and how easy what THAT?!?!), so people can subscribe. I will eventually transfer all those old posts. But you may always visit my lots of free patterns, an offer of free knitters' graph paper, knitting tips, my schedule, etc. Hope to see you there, hope to see you here, hope to see you somewhere!

PS The subject of the book is pattern drafting. I am very excited about it: it's wonderfully comprehensive, and it's probably the material I love to teach most.

Some call this work "design," but there is a difference. Design is finding the vision of the garment you want to make: drafting is turning the vision into a garment.

My first suggestion to anyone approaching this material is to
  • go to your closet
  • find something you love that you did not knit
  • use the material of the book to measure, draft, knit it!
This way we create something we will wear and love! And we will honour our craft by doing so.


  1. A whole year to wait for the new book?! It sounds like a great one that I'm really going to find useful, as I many time have wanted to be able to knit another version of something I already have in my closet.

    I'm waiting!!!

    Mary G. in Texas

    1. It does seem like a long time, but it's RANDOM HOUSE, with thousands of books in its queue. During that time, there is lots of work happening: design, art work, editing, photos, layout, more edits, printing, shipping, and then distribution! Whew!

      I promise you will find it a useful book. My daughter calls it the "knitting bible." Don't know that you'll have that response, but I did try to anticipate everything you'd need to measure, draft, knit, and wear!