Thursday, April 18, 2013

the three realities of ripping

Recently, I made an horrendous mistake--by not reading my own pattern for which the back of a sweater is narrower than the front. Without reading my own pattern, I simply made the back the same as the front, and it was too big!!! Geesh!!

So what do we all do when this happens? We attempt to convince ourselves that it doesn't matter. We keep knitting past the error to the point where we can try it on. Then we spend hours in front of the mirror trying to argue ourselves out of the realization that this is not working!!!

We whine, we curse, we have our little hissy fit--all the while, not doing the one thing we need to do: rip it out and do it right.

While twirling in front of the mirror, I made the following realizations:
  • I had wasted a whole lotta time by knitting past the error so I could try it on and convince myself it didn't matter! Really!???
  • I am wasting time in front the mirror when I could be ripping;
  • I am wasting time trying to talk myself out of what time it would take to rip when the truth is that if I don't I will never wear the piece--which is a huge waste of time and money.
So I ripped--after probably 24 hours of avoidance. And guess what! I had that thing ripped out in fifteen minutes!!!!

Yes, of course, then I had to spend time re-knitting. But what was I going to do as soon as I finished this piece? Find more knitting?!?! I just found it.

  • The first reality of ripping is that we waste far more time avoiding it than it would take to do it.
  • The second reality of ripping is that we waste both time and yarn if we don't.
  • The third reality of ripping it that it gives us the one thing we want most in life--more knitting! (And we didn't have to spend any cash to get there.)

Bottom line: ripping saves both money and time, and this is a lesson I should have figured out a long time ago! What does it say about human nature that I did not?

And can I truly say I've learned the lesson even now . . . .


  1. Yes, more knitting! Also, like someone said, "A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour." Rip, reknit and enjoy the whole thing is a sign of a happy person in happiness practice:)

  2. What a positive outlook you have!

  3. I never mind ripping...well, almost motto is Yay! More knitting!!!

  4. I have also never minded ripping (tinking on the other hand drives me batty). In my head, I have always classified myself as a 'process' knitter...I love the process of creating, the process of working a project out, the process of forming stitches. But, even though I love the process, I have never been willing to sacrifice the end result by resisting the need to rip. To me, it is just another aspect of the process. Thanks for sharing!