Saturday, June 4, 2016

a wonderful encounter with a customs agent

So, I recently flew home back to Canada from LAX and passed through customs and immigration in Calgary. My turn came up to meet the agent. And here is what happened!

Where are you coming from?
Los Angeles
What business were you doing there?
I write for an American publisher who requested that I speak at events there.
What kind of books do you write?

COOL?!?!? WOW!

Wow, that's not the usual reaction I receive.
I knit.
You do?? One of the US customs agents where I live knits too: I often think more of you should knit, since you often have to sit sometimes.
I have not knit for a while, but I will again. And here's a story about a friend of mine.  
He went to the doctor with high blood pressure, and the doctor said "I have medication for you, but I am not going to prescribe it yet. Here's what I want you to do. 1. Learn to knit. 2. Come back in six months. If your blood pressure is still high, I will prescribe the meds."
He learned to knit, he returned in six months, and his blood pressure was normal!
Wow! I should tell that story!
Yes, you should!

So here I am, telling the story! How wonderful was that?!? Please spread the word!


  1. A very cool story! Not at all what I was expecting.

  2. What an interesting story!!! It is relaxing...except when you run into a particular part of a pattern that you just can't grasp! Then you grab a glass of wine! But red wine is good for you too! HA