Thursday, February 16, 2012

In defense of knitting when times are tough, part eight

We've heard forever that life is best in balance. We can't play all the time, nor can we work all the time. We need a little of everything in good measure. No matter how tough times are, we need some fun--some escape from it. So it's not surprising that the movie industry has always done well in trying times. And so should KNITTING!

For all the reasons listed below, knitting is good for us--our brain, our psyche, our closet, our economy. But it's also FUN! Kinda like going to the movies, it's an escape. (If you've read the second post then you know that that escape is to a very positive place--the right brain.)
But let's take a moment to think of the cost of escape--in terms of hours of entertainment against dollars spent. Knitting, while initially expensive, rates very well within this analysis--much higher than a movie and even higher than a good book! This may be all the thought we need give before making that yarn purchase. It's your form of escape, it brings balance to your life, and it's less costly than most any other way to have FUN! So go have some!!!

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  1. I love that knitting (and crochet too!) allows you to find that special place inside that feels fulfilled when you create something beautiful/useful/interesting/original, and experiment with new patterns or stitches - you know your brian is working AND resting at the same time - what a beautiful bunch of things that hand fiber arts can inspire within us!