Saturday, April 21, 2012

as exciting as the EINSTEIN COAT

I spoke earlier about working on something that has me as excited as the EINSTEIN COAT--a pattern that has the same elegant simplicity and that has me over-the-moon about it!

But I also must admit that it's more than the pattern itself (although it's pretty darn cute!) that has me excited. What has me certain I won't sleep tonight is that I've finally moved into this century and put something for sale online. Never done that before!

I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world (and at that my children would roll their eyes . . . like YEAH!), and for me to put something out there in the correct format was a HUGE accomplishment.

The thrill I feel must be akin to what a new knitter feels when she finishes her first successful piece. What a wonderful place to re-visit! If everyone felt this with some regularity the world would be awash with big smiley faces.

So here she is, the BEST-OF-BOTH TUNIC TOP, available as a download on RAVELRY. (Click on the photo to see an enlarged version with more detail.)
It's a combination of knitting and fabric in which each gets to do what they do best. My mind is a-whirl at further possibilities!

BTW, as an addendum to previous posts, I have already made 3 of these (and am working on a 4th), and it is definitely a piece that I will wear and wear and wear.

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