Sunday, April 22, 2012

not sleeping and why we knit

So sure enough, and as predicted, I had trouble sleeping last night. (Woke constantly, and got up in one fierce leap at 5:18!) I think it was partly because today's the day I sew the fabric for the fourth version of my new top (see previous post). But mostly it was my brain talkin' to me . . . something about why we knit and what makes it so exciting! Too exciting for sleep!

In way previous posts I talked about knitting as good for the brain, the blood pressure, the heart, the psyche--all the reasons to defend knitting as process. But what my head was so full of  this morning was thoughts of knitting that raises the heart rate. (Please, I'm not the only one????) And this exciting stuff speaks to knitting as product.

Knitting is heat-racing for me as I approach the finish line--ready to complete something I will wear, give to someone, hang on a wall. It speaks to the maker in us all--the person who puts personal content into her clothes or her gifts or her home decor. And it doesn't matter how simple or complex the piece was or that it was made from someone else's pattern: we made it ourselves, we own the work that was done. That's reason to be excited! Way more exciting than going shopping, dontcha think?

But what fun when we put even more of ourselves into the piece. There's a wonderful shawl on RAVELRY--the Stripe Study. It's a perfect piece: easy, artistic (because it's asymmetrical), wonderful to wear. (These are my three criteria for a great design.) But the best part may be that you choose your own two colors. Only two, but what a variety of results! 

Ramping up the personal content raises the heart rate. We make a choice (two colors for a shawl . . . or yarn + fabric for my new top), and the result will be all your own! Risk and reward! These two get our juices flowing--even when we are engaged in an activity that is naturally calming.

Best of all possible worlds! Aren't we lucky!!!
But I would wish a better night's sleep tonight.


  1. When i have something in my mind, i'm like you. I just do and redo it during the night. My last one? a sleeve for my ipad.
    When i got up, i knew exactly where to start and go on. Very productive! ...But tired, isn't it? But with the result: yess! it feels great! Have a nice day!

    1. Wow, that is a beautiful piece of sewing! It's nice to see someone who does both so well!
      I am very excited now about the combination of knitting and sewing, as you can probably see from the earlier garment.

      And yes, our dreams give us the answers to problems. That's because dreaming is a right-brain function, and it's to the right brain that new ideas come.

      I wish I remembered more of my dreams!!!!

  2. "In way previous posts I talked about knitting as good for the brain, the blood pressure..."

    I have a group of friends I see several times a year for relaxing weekends, and I always bring my knitting. One of my friends just told me that she loves to see me get out my knitting, and it actually lowers HER blood pressure to watch me knit. I never thought about it that way before!