Monday, April 30, 2012

listening (to off-hand comments) and learning (from experts)

I was back in my favourite fabric store, looking for more stuff to make more stuff. And Darrell, the genius designer, teacher, all-round good guy, was there. (He's at, if you are in the area. Oh, the buttons!!!!!)

I found fabric but was concerned that it might not be drapey enough. He said "So you'll just cut it on the bias."

Of course that's what one would do! But since I hadn't had a sewing lesson since high school, I think that solution was too deeply imbedded in my brain for me to mine for it. I needed that one little off-hand comment to register for me to have my solution.

Often we are too busy for those gems to register. The answer to something is presented ever-so-briefly, and we don't hear it. I am reminded of the Buddhist story, in which the young man kept asking the older the lesson of life. Finally the older said "Pay attention." Whether it's to that tiny voice within or the expert voice without, we need to train ourselves to listen.

BTW, I had already bought some batik fabric for another top. I'd bought extra because I thought I might have to match the stripes at the side, but I hadn't cut it because I didn't know which way I wanted the stripes to run. So--after hearing Darrell--I knew to cut on the bias, for which I had enough fabric. This solved all problems: the stripes are gorgeous on the bias, and the fabric hangs beautifully. A two-fer!

bias version of BEST-OF-BOTH TUNIC TOP, available on


  1. Interesting pattern... I would see it without sleeves too, for summer.
    And... i will remember the voice of my mentor for the drapy way!

    1. My daughter said the same thing. Truly, this work has me thinking of different explorations! I'm thinking of a summer dress next. (And you could, of course, stop knitting--or sewing--whenever you want!)